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Made by Flinch 77
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As technology grows smaller and smaller, it seems that E-Bikes are trying very hard to hide the fact that they are electric. New and clever ways are devised to integrate batteries and motors into the tubing, making the e-bike seem like a regular bicycle.

The aim of this project was not to criticize that trend, but just to explore an alternative direction. E-bikes are their own vehicle category. They might as well look unique. That sentiment was the basis for this project: a unique bicycle with a sculpted body somewhere between motorcycle and bicycle.
VYGR ebike detailthe VYGR ebike design sketches and prototypeDetail of the VYGR Ebikethe VYGR EbikeVYGR ebike detailrear view of the VYGR ebike
VYGR ebike detailVYGR ebike detail
the VYGR ebike
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