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We design world class, high performance race boats for Bernico International. Since the release of FTX27, the vehicle has proven itself to be class of the field in various racing categories.
Bernico FTX27 overviewBernico FTX27 Nose detailBernico FTX27 Front viewRace seats aboard the Bernico FTX27Bernico FTX27 SideviewBernico FTX27 Rear ViewBernico FTX27 SideviewFTX27, work in progress
FINAL PRODUCT Bernico Racing Team at Lake Cuomo 2021
Bernico FTX27 in its natural habitatPilots in the FTX27
FTX27 on Lake Cuomo
AWARD World Champion Jan-Cees Korteland's FTX27
Bernico FTX27 nose detailBernico FTX27 Front SeatBernico FTX27 Nose DetailBernico FTX27 Detail
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